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  LG Chem

LG Chem Deco Foils

Kitchen Door
Colours & Finishes

LG deco sheets are supplied
world-wide for many furniture
applications, more distinctly
with kitchen doors and
furniture finishes.

•  Wide range of colours
   and finishes
•  Scratch resistant
•  UV protection
•  Excellent print effect
•  Seals out moisture
•  Stong physical properties
•  Various designs
•  Stain and chip resistant

Woodgrain High Gloss Finish
Rawstone  Kitchens, Bathrooms & Laundries
Perth Home Renovation Specialists
Colour Swatches
High Gloss

DIY Kitchens Perth Door - U9804-KGAS Oyster Linea High Gloss
Oyster Linia HG

DIY Kitchens Perth Door - U2930-PG Salt Wash High Gloss
Salt Wash HG

DIY Kitchens Perth Door - MU209-PG Acacia Linea High Gloss
Acacia Linea HG

DIY Kitchens Perth Door - U9805-KG Mushroom Linea High Gloss
Mushroom Linea HG

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Colour Swatches:
Texture Finish
 Natural Finish
 Woodgrain Natural
 Woodgrain Impressions
 Solid High Gloss
 Woodgrain High Gloss
 Matt & Pearl High Gloss


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for enlarged view.
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - MU103-KG Nepean Beech High Gloss
Nepean Beech HG
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - FZ805-KGAS Silky Maple High Gloss
Silky Maple HG
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - MM008-KG Wenge High Gloss
Wenge HG
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - W6416-PG Chestnut High Gloss
Chestnut HG
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - U9807-KG Licorice Linea High Gloss
Licorice Linea HG
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - MU208-PG Wenge Linea High Gloss
Wenge Linea HG
DIY Kitchens Perth Door - G0605-PG Charred Oak High Gloss
Charred Oak HG
Kitchens & Bathrooms

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